Friday, August 9, 2013

Maxi Dress-M6559


I have been very bad about posting my sewing creations...and it's going to take me a while to get back up to current with all that.  In the meantime, I'll be putting up one at a time-glad I took notes on these patterns while I was sewing them!

Here is my attempt at a maxi-dress, my first ever to sew or to wear, thanks to McCalls 6559 pattern.  I'm not wild about it, I have to say.  It seems most of the time to just hang like a sack.  Don't know.  Thought my stripey fabric would have spiced things up, but perhaps if that's what I was after, I should have sewn view E rather than view D, eh?

This is the angle I like, the only angle I like of this dress...

As I indicated above, I made view D, the long, no-frills version.
I cut a size 6. 
For this dress, there were all 4 steps, so really, anyone can whip this out in no time.
The only variation I made, was to use lengths of fabric as bias for the neckline and arm holes.  Not sure if this was a good call or not, but I'd just completed another knit project where things got all bent out of shape by performing a rolled hem in those places.  Hmm.  Thinking of shortening the length, what do you think?

Even kitty is skeptical...


  1. Wow, this is a stunning maxi dress! Looks fantastic on you:) Love the photo with kitty;)

  2. I like all the views of your dress! OK, so I'm biased because I love purple and I really like stripes!

  3. Kitty is my helper! She didn't even attack the pattern paper this time.
    I forgot to mention it's a bit different to walk in this dress--smaller opening at the bottom than I'm used to, at the grocery store I kept thinking take smaller steps...

    Thank you for your kind words!