Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Simplicity 4192 tank top

Simplicity 4192

I made view A, the tank top.  And managed in the end to salvage it.  This was almost completely unsuccessful.  I cut a size 10, as advised by the bust measurements on the package, but ended up taking it in on the sides to the size 6, which overall made the measurements seem silly as it was sized for a stretch knit.  I used a rib knit, heathered light brown.  I added 1” length to the front and back pieces, which I highly recommend as a minimum, next time I would add 2-3 inches more.  During the construction of this piece, the neckline stretched out a great deal, and so when applying the (reduced by one third) neckline piece, I stretch the piece while pinning it before sewing it on.  This didn’t help enough, and I ended up with an out of control neckline that looked terrible in the back.  My attempts to remedy this led me to bring the center back neckline to a V and cut out the excess of 7 inches, but this made the back beneath it pucker, so I extended the (what was now a dart) into a very long dart almost the entire length of the back.  It still puckers a bit, but is much improved, and a necessary salvage.  The armholes then scared me such that I made a bias tape out of scrap fabric and finished them that way.  Sigh.  What an ordeal!  I wonder if this wouldn’t be much more of a snap (since the directions are not long or complicated) with different fabric.

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