Tuesday, January 22, 2013

McCall's M5989, Sleepwear

McCall’s M5989

I made view C, the nightgown.  I think it seems strange that it’s so hard to find a pattern for a regular old nightgown.  Not something that looks like what my grandmother would wear, and not something that has pants as a part of it, just a night…gown.  This is close enough, and turned out great for me. 
I cut a size 4 based on finished measurements, and it worked just right.  I used a nice silky fabric that was on clearance at Hancock Fabrics some time ago.  
Changes/Alterations-At step #2, I changed the opening location by raising it about an inch.  At step #13, I took up more than the stated 3/4" and used this to encase my elastic while turning under the edges at the same time-once through the machine only.  Otherwise, assembled as per directions.
It’s pretty and cute, but I haven’t worn it much yet because it turned into winter around the time I finished it.  Oh, well, one more reason to look forward to spring!  Yes, I recommend this pattern.

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