Thursday, October 18, 2012

McCalls M6083

M6083 Misses’ Jumper
Version A, the short one, size 4 (after looking at the finished garment measurements and practicing with a measuring tape moving around my hips).

Yes, there are wrinkles on the legs because I had been driving for a while.

Based on other reviewers (thank you!) I added 2 inches to the front pieces 1 & 2.
And when it was all done, I decided it looked a little off, so I went ahead and bought some trim to make ties and sewed them on.  I really think it looks better this way.

Overall I’m quite pleased with the pattern, it looks cute, and I have plans to make the full length version now.  Well, sometime in the future anyway.  I think if you want a little more poof in the front waist, you'll want to add more than 2".  (Hint: for perspective, I'm 5'5").

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