Wednesday, May 8, 2013

M6699 Dress Pattern for My Top

FashionStar Easy, sizes 6-22, Fitted dress

I made this pattern into a top, using a 14” zipper and some fabric with odd measurements: 1 yard 8”, 36” wide, and it turned out to be plenty for the project I had in mind.  
I used size 8 for the bust pieces 1 & 2 and size 10 for the others and it came out well for someone (me) with a 34 bust.  

Looking at the instructions, it seemed like an easy put-together.  I omitted the lining and hook and eye (don’t care for those), didn’t mess with the pockets and didn’t use an invisible zipper.  For the length, I laid out with the skirt pieces, 7 & 8 on the fabric a few inches above the “lengthen or shorten” line, and I did end up shortening it a bit.  

I think the straps turned out a bit weird, like little wings, maybe with wear they will look a bit more right.  Overall, this is just the little gingham shirt I wanted to make!

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