Saturday, September 29, 2012

Maxi Dress M6559

This was a quick little endeavor, or, at least it should have been had my machine not decided to take a half day long hiccup.  Anyway, it's a very fast dress to put together with only two pattern pieces. 

Changes I made:
Used strips of fabric to create binding for neckline and arm holes.
Cut off 6 inches in length (way to long for me, 5'5")
I cut a size 8, but tapered the upper to waist area to a size 6.
My hem was turned twice then sewed at the bottom.

Overall, I think the dress would be more functional for me if I had made it in the shorter version, but I've never owned a maxi dress, and this is a complete novelty for me!  It has nice flow, and I can eat a big meal in it without showing that I did (hahaha).  The only thing I need to remember is to take smaller, much smaller, steps than I ordinarily do, because there is a confining sense to the stride.

Pattern review for McCalls M6559

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